Range of Services

and a vast collection of spare parts

We have any
spare part
you need

549.352 pcs
of spare parts are moved
through our warehouse


Our range of services is created according to your needs

  • Stevedoring
  • Excavating space configurations
  • Extrusions
  • Waste management and disposal
  • Transportation of materials
  • Cleaning of industrial premises
  • Storage – management – packaging – unpacking
  • Repairs – maintenance – sales, construction – liļ¬…ing, crane, mining and industrial machinery
  • Trade of machinery parts, hoists, cranes, mining and industrial machinery
  • Studies and constructions of industrial equipment, worksite and mines
  • Human resources services for terminals and industries

different job specializations are serving your needs

36.000 T

tons of scrap are shredded or compressed each year for different industries